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Meet Our Blogger

Natalia Bojanic plant based lifestyle supercharged life


Chief Executive of Optimism Na+ #PositivelyCharged


Foreign. 33. Divorced. Unemployed. Sugar addict.

Or my optimistic version: 

Brazilian. Enlightened. Open. CEO of my life. Sweet.

As a Life Enhancer, I encourage small steps that lead to real transformation in your personal or professional life.

Once a burned-out luxury PR Director, I am now a storyteller whose mission is to spread a message that I am truly passionate about: Health beyond appearance and wellbeing beyond your Being. 

On a rollercoaster journey through life, I have learned strategies for beingtrue to myself and cultivating inner peace. 

My passion is to pass knowledge on, encourage people to never stop evolving and keep seeking excitement in life.

The pillars of my work are simple nutrition and an effective mindset. I offer lifestyle tools for a supercharged mind and body. 

I have collected and curated straightforward solutions from years of being surrounded by incredible nutritionists, yoga teachers, mediation gurus and self-development experts.

Healthy living has been instilled in me from an early age and I am sharing my key learnings in a quest to make people realise that the only real commitment in life is to happiness.


Some people may think I am living the dream, others that I am delusional!

It does not matter to me as I am a great believer that truly optimistic person does not look for happiness in “the perfect life” (as if that even exists outside fairy tales), but instead, seeks contentment in the situation they are in the moment #ItsaJourney

My work offers a positively-charged perspective on life.

I am the living proof that small lifestyle changes can lead to a real transformation in your mindset, can unleash unlimited potential and, most importantly, can bring joy to all spheres of your life.

I am qualified to offer simple solutions that have worked for me. I am a sponge for knowledge and I have been smart enough to surround myself with the best advice from all sources. 

Here’s my trajectory:

  •    I was in a hurry to come to this world and as a premature baby I was born with breathing difficulties. I could not go to school until I was 5 years old so my Mum took me to the beach instead. The sea and the sun cured me.


  •    I am a daughter of a cancer survivor. My dad fought the disease twice with western medicine and alternative medicinal practices.


  •    My mum went through bankruptcy with a generous smile on her face and an abundant heart. I learned from a young age if I was going to get anywhere in life, I would have to do it mysel


  •    I built a successful career in communications in the luxury Industry. I was very privileged to work with beautiful brands like TAG Heuer, Dior, Hublot, Land Rover, Aston Martin and lucky to have experienced a world of excellent. I worked with eccentric CEOs, met Hollywood stars like Leonardo di Caprio and sports personalities at the top of their game, such as Usain Bolt


  •    I was also burned-out and burying my soul


  •  I am a certificated Hippocrates Health Educator and spent several weeks in the US learning how we can “help people help themselves” with a holist approach


  •   I am a Naturopath Biomedicine student at CNM London


My quest is to never stop evolving and every person I meet on my journey teaches me a new lesson that I am excited to share with the world.

Always with gratitude,


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